Andrew Battista writes from New York City. He is a Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems at New York University, where he teaches people how to find data and make maps. Andrew has written on a broad range of topics, including information literacy, social justice, and social work pedagogy.

Leah Bayens writes from Alum Springs, Kentucky. At St. Catharine College, she coordinates the Berry Farming and Ecological Agrarianism Program, an interdisciplinary degree in sustainable agriculture grounded in farmer-poet Wendell Berry’s work. Her teaching and research explore the intersection of agriculture, social justice, and ecology.

Beth Connors-Manke writes from Lexington, Kentucky. She teaches writing, editing, and public advocacy in the department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies (WRD) at the University of Kentucky. She was the associate editor for North of Center, a community newspaper experimenting in grassroots citizen journalism, for four years.

Brian Connors-Manke takes pictures from Lexington, Kentucky. His eye is under the influence of Cleveland, Ohio. He contributes all of the photos to this project (unless stated otherwise).

Jeff Gross writes from Memphis, Tennessee, where he teaches American Studies and writing at Christian Brothers University. His scholarly interests include democracy, disruption, and citizenship. More information can be found at http://jeffgross.org/.

Danny Mayer writes from Fayette Urban County, Kentucky, where he teaches at a local community and technical college. He was the founding stakeholder of North of Center, a community newspaper experimenting in, among other things, grassroots citizen journalism.