Month: March 2015

By Steven Mangine

A response to “The Beauty of Education

I wake up hungry. I shuffle to the kitchen, perform egg inventory, select the pan, so on and so on. Ten minutes later, edible eggs appear. But who so on and so on-ed? My hands, but somehow I had not been operating them. In a hand, a whisk whisked, eggs liquefied, sizzled, and landed on a plate. But where was I as feet shuffled, olive oil smelled sweet, and outside the kitchen window, snow fell? Somewhere I had left myself behind.


By Andrew Battista

Response to “The Beauty of Education

I’m so happy that Beth’s essay, “The Beauty of Education,” is the inaugural post on The Whole Horse Project, and I’m fortunate that I’ve had the chance to think about it, off and on, for the past month. She made me work hard to connect several things—beauty, education, expertism, satiety, and the physical body—I don’t always associate. I hope the subsequent essays on this site operate similarly.

Beth’s essay stirs me to think about my own life in education. How much education is enough, and is the idea of being a “lifelong learner” bad dogma? What does it mean to become an expert in something? And, what does it mean to experience the world? This last question has always flummoxed me.

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